Funeral Costs

It is a fact that funerals do come at a financial cost and we know that sometimes this can seem unfair and be a cause of worry.

At Jerrams Brothers we want to try and help as much as possible with this burden so we promise three things:

  • You have a right to know what you will be spending before you spend it and our aim is to give clear and transparent information on this subject. You will know all the costs involved before any commitment.
  • We will never encourage you to spend more than necessary for your ceremony.
  • Our trained and experienced staff have the experience and flexibility to create a unique service for you whatever your budget. We will work with you to create a funeral ceremony within your budget. For three generations we have been proud to work with families regardless of their budget.

Furthermore, our expert staff are available if necessary to advise and support families who wish to seek financial support for a funeral through the Department of Work and Pensions, a funeral loan or a funeral payment plan.

At the heart of our business is our wish to create meaningful, tailor-made ceremonies where we remember, honour and celebrate a life. This takes a lot of work and effort but the outcome is a ceremony which you will fondly remember for years to come. It will be a fitting tribute to someone you care deeply about. We call this our ‘traditional funeral’ and we encourage most families to consider our tailor-made ‘traditional’ funeral service as the best option.

However, we acknowledge that not every family is the same and for a variety of reasons we need to offer a range of services which suit the unique needs of every family. For this reason, we have created three kinds of funeral service.  In addition to our traditional funerals our simplicity funerals and unattended private farewell services are aimed at families who, for various reasons, wish to have a more simple or economic funeral.

Our traditional funeral (coffin not included)
£2550.00 plus third-party costs.

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Our simplicity funeral (with coffin included)
£2300.00 plus third-party costs.

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Our unattended farewell
£1250.00 plus third-party costs.

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Arrangements for the payment of funeral expenses:

In the process of arranging the funeral you will be asked to sign an agreement which confirms that we are acting on your behalf and that you have funds available to settle the funeral account within 30 days of the funeral. If you think you may struggle to settle the funeral account you are legally obliged to inform us at the time of arranging the funeral.

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We are also aware that there are ‘low cost’ funeral providers in the market who may claim to offer the same product at a lower price, sometimes up to 10% cheaper.  Our approach is slightly different. We pride ourselves on the care we give every family and their loved one.

We believe that little things like the latest fleet of modern cars, continued commitment to staff training and our continued support of our families following a funeral make us better suited to serve our families.

These highest standards of staff, care, facility and service are reflected in our funeral costs. We believe our all our services represent excellent value for money, a fact recently confirmed by independent research.